Secondary, “How many countries?”, thread!

So, we’ve done the ‘how many countries’, thing numerous times and while it’s always interesting it often makes me wonder what constitutes ‘visiting’.

Clearly everyone has a different measure, and rightly so. I don’t count Japan, though I’ve stayed overnight numerous times!

I’m curious to see how a different measure would make the list come out.
(I realize there could be a zillion variants. Feel free to start another thread if you think up one! )

So this thread is:

How many countries have you visited that you’ve stayed at least two weeks?


I’ll give it a try, but this isn’t a rule I use so I may be off slightly.
[li]Antarctica (British Territory) (12 days)[/li][li]Botswana [/li][li]Cambodia[/li][li]Canada (numerous multi-day or week-long trips over the years)[/li][li]China (PRC) [/li][li]Egypt[/li][li]France [/li][li]India [/li][li]Israel[/li][li]Italy?[/li][li]Mexico (numerous multi-day or week-long trips over the years)[/li][li]UK (aggregate)[/li][li]Switzerland[/li][li]United States[/li][li]Vietnam (numerous multi-day or week-long trips over the years)[/li][/ol]

Two weeks straight, or cumulatively?

[li]USA (home)[/li][li]China[/li][li]Mexico[/li][li]Germany[/li][li]Thailand[/li][li]India[/li][li]South Africa[/li][li]Canada[/li][li]Hong Kong (cumulatively)[/li][li]France (cumulatively)[/li][/ul]

The cumulative ones are tricky, because a quick overnight or two to the mainland or to Belgium otherwise break the streak.

Spain (Rota)
Sigonella, Sicily

No other visits to other countries lasts more than a week, tho I might have spent 14 days in France over 3 visits.

I was going to ask the same thing. I’ve visited Canada a lot because I’ve always lived close to Canada. But the very fact that I live close to Canada means my trips there have generally been short - I generally just go there for a day and return home that night.

At least two week?

Not counting USA:

Poland (about five months total over several visits)
Hungary (5 1/2 years)
India (3 weeks)
Scotland (2 months)
England (2 months)
Croatia (3 months)
Slovenia (1 month)
Russia (3-4 weeks over 3 trips)
Germany (3-4 weeks over a number of trips; couple of one-week stretches in there.)

Mexico if the count is cumulative.

I was kinda thinking two weeks straight.

But cumulative is interesting too, I just didn’t think of it.



United Arab Emirates (lived there '99-'03)
China (16 days this year)


Netherlands (several business meetings)
Greece (ditto)
Egypt (ditto)
Ecuador (2 Galapagos Cruises-envy me)
Great Britain–(3-4 trips for pleasure)
Australia-New Zealand–combined over 23 days straight, but not two weeks in either.

If you mean consecutively then only
US (home)
Canada (summer of '82)
Cayman Islands (Feb '99)

Germany (about three months)
Canada (if cumulative counts; probably spent about two weeks there in total)

and depending on how you define it…

Cook Islands (spent about three weeks on a sailing ship that’s under the Cook Islands flag)

Straight cuts it down a lot

St Vincent and the Grenadines
Cayman Islands (UK Overseas Territory)


Cumulatively adding:

But, ask me again two weeks from tomorrow and I can add to the list:
Peru :slight_smile:

Flight leaves in just over 12 hours!

Canada, US, Switzerland, Barbados, Denmark, Japan, France, Australia, Israel, England, Scotland. Not sure about Scotland, but there were four weeks spent touring the UK by car and it was likely two weeks in each. I forgot all about Australia (six weeks) in the other list. The list is in order of how much time I have spent there. I have certainly spent like a month in Germany (mathematics meetings) but never two weeks in one go.

As you say, different people have different criteria / measures for this stuff, and fair enough… I personally feel that your two-weeks standard is on the harsh side; but again as you say, I can do my own thing here and apply my preferred rule ! For the two-weeks one: including “two-weekses” attained cumulatively, that would at best cut down by half, my score of countries visited as per my post in the other recent “how many” thread. Those that I could now count: UK (home), France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, India, mainland China, Zimbabwe, and – perhaps just – former Yugoslavia (two weeks not spent in any one of its constituent bits).

A guy I know, applies the rule that he has to spend at least 48 hours consecutively in a country, for him to count it as having been visited by him. That strikes me as a good moderate criterion, as regards these things.

Consecutively definitely none. Cumulatively only England and Canada are in the running as the only other countries I’ve been in are Spain and Mexico for one day each. England is a maximum of 13 days and that’s only if you count layovers and days in which all I did was leave. My visits to Canada have been so short and so long ago that I might not remember them all. I think I can get to 14 total by stretching out my estimate of length of my 2 multi-day trips along with all the day trips that I can remember.

Apart from my native UK:


All consecutively.

England and Scotland are not separate countries, despite the protestations and machinations of the SNP. We are one country, the UK.

I just realized I left New Zealand off my list. I guess something about living in a vehicle for 2.5 weeks didn’t give me any grounding…