"Secretary" is one of my all time favorite love stories

Because it is one of the most, if not THE most believable love stories I can think of. I completely believe that these two people are completely gaga over each other. They have connected on a core level that doesn’t make sense to most people, but makes perfect sense to them.

And in the way of the truest love, their love for each other helps to free them from their own self-loathing in a very honest, believable way.

Now, I am a complete sucker for a standard, bullshit, totally unrealistic bunch of fluff in a love story, but when it’s over I can forget about it because I recognize that it’s pure movie goo. No so “Secretary”.

If you haven’t seen it, you should.

It’s interesting that you say that because I was reading an interview with author of the short story it’s based on (Mary Gaitskill) and she basically says it’s like a cute, Disneyfied, very Hollywood version of what she was trying to say. I can’t pull that interview up now (website’s down) but I’ll link to it if I get a chance later.

ETA: This isn’t the interview I read but it’s another onewhere she discusses the film:

I enjoyed my visit to Mary Gaitskill’s Wikipedia page, mostly for this quote:

“I don’t think much of Sade as a writer, although I enjoyed beating off to him as a child.”

I always liked Secretary even if it is a little saccharine. This is the first I’ve heard of Gaitskill. I’ll probably give her a try but it sounds like she writes depressing stories about the same character over and over.

She is pretty bleak. I’ve only read a little of her stuff so far. This week I read her novel Two Girls Fat and Thin and I’ve read a few of her short stories from the collection Secretary is in. She does capture those dull, minute details of human existence that somehow just become so depressing when she puts them on paper. Curtis Sittenfeld does that a bit, too, but she’s positively uplifting when compared with Gaitskill. Still, I do appreciate that kind of writing even though I don’t want to read it all the time because it’s honest and because it speaks to the way I think. (Not sure what that says about me.)

If you want to read Secretary online, Nerve.com has it but for some reason there’s no text on the last page so you’ll be missing the ending.

I have to admit, the main thing I remember really enjoying from that film was the typewriters in the computerless office.

Love, love, love this movie.