Secretive profiles.

Why do so many Dopers omit or disguise information in their profiles? Most often is seems to be “occupation” and "location.
Noboby, generally, knows who you are anyway.
I like to read the profiles. They add color and substance to the people I’m interacting with, and they help me to understand where that person is coming from. I personally wouldn’t mind if “gender” and “age” were added.
Of course I think that all the catagories should remain optional. I simply wonder why people are reluctant to give this info.
Just curious. :slight_smile:

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I don’t mind giving most of the information out to the public. I think age is kinda misleading on these message boards because sometimes it automatically puts you sight unseen into a catagory that you may not belong in.
Shees I am really tired I hope that made sense…::yawn::

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Maybe some of us want to keep the all-powerful state from spying on us, you commie pinko.

No, actually, I don’t (for example) put a link to my home page, because that has my address and phone number, and if I post to MPSIMS “I’m going on vacation for three weeks” there might be someone who would decide to take advantage of my absence. As far as not putting what your real career/interests are, I think that’s pretty harmless and could be put there.

No no, Arnold, I wouldn’t put a link to my address or anything like that. Just the general geographic location.
I’m not that dumb, you fascist.
mangeorge (Leftist pinko rabble rouser)

Because if it were ever generally known that I’m a really a sixth grade student from Marquette, Michigan, I feel it would hurt my credibility.


  • Rick

Well, some of them are not so much disguised as smart-ass. Not that I would ever do something like that in my profile.

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I dunno. I think we could probably deal with a sixth grade student poster. (Your other problem would be harder to overcome, of course.)

Personally I wonder about usernames. Seems kinda silly, huh? I understand the whole honesty through by being anonymous thing, but sometimes it just seems a bit much. Like we’re all a bunch of superheroes with secret identities. Superheroes who are neglecting they’re duties of protecting their fellow man by spending all their time on the net. Although I suppose we could all be super-villans… that would make sense…

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I’d say it’s a mixture of semi-unreasonable paranoia and sheer laziness.

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This one seems to have run its course, but it belongs in ATMB anyway. Perhaps someone there will have something to add.

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