Are there any sedition laws currently in effect in the US?

If not, when was the last sedition law enacted?

“Seditious conspiracy” is a crime under U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2384.

I don’t know when it was passed.

Sedition in the military can get you a trip to the firing squad also.

From this site:

There were of course sedition laws in effect during and after World War I as well, which were tempered by the mid-1920s with the establishment of a “clear and present danger” standard for speech.

Dagummit, forgot to include the link. Scroll down to the header “The Meaning of Freedom” and you’ll find a cogent three paragraph synopsis of sedition laws, from 1798 up til the 1940 Smith Act.

IANAL, but I think is a good place to look up US laws.

Here’s the whole chapter:

and for those subject to the Uniform code of Military Justice:

The Smith Act was infamously applied at the culmination of the Communist witch-hunt in the 1940s. Virtually the entire leadership of the Communist Party was convicted of sedition, and they received long prison sentences and hefty fines. The Act was invoked to deprive the Communist Party of legitimacy in the eyes of American voters; prior to the trials, it and other far-leftist parties had memberships in the hundreds of thousands. Ironically, the Communist Party had been one of the most outspoken advocates of the Smith Act prosecution of Trotskyist organizations some ten years earlier. What goes around comes around, I suppose.

Hehe, these are still on the books? I thought it was amusing that to take a government job in Pennsylvania I had to sign this piece of paper that said I would not advocate the overthrow of the government or associate with those who do.

The “Are you or have you every been…” question is still routinely asked of immigrants by the INS, according to this article from the Seattle Times.