Seditious acts (state/territory/possession version)

While insurrection has been going down at the US Capitol, there have also been local actions. What’s happened near you (with news link, if possible), and have you responded to it?

So far, absolutely nothing. Living in the country is like that. Back when the BLM protests were happening, there was talk online about a protest happening in the small town we live near. People were talking about sitting at home with guns, watching out their windows for protestors who were going to storm their palaces.

The actual BLM protest was a candlelight vigil. No violence, no noise, really. A few speeches, lots of tears.

Well, living downtown in a state capitol is scary.

The protests after the George Floyd killing were violent, with one legislator attacked as he walked to his car. Even though he was a Democrat with a BLM button on, his phone recorded demonstrators rushing him, throwing him to the ground and kicking him… he ended up in the hospital (heck of a kick).

On the 6th, we had a crowd of Proud Rednecks agitating… I do worry about next week, but doubt they’ll breach the Capitol.

@kayaker based on stalking you a bit, you live fairly near me, considering.

Our BLM protest in my tiny town was started by a young girl on a facebook page who quickly withdrew from organizing after she said she started getting death threats. A high school kid.

Someone else took it over, and other than some needlessly boarded up windows, and a LOT of cops for our area, everything went smoothly.

Our local volunteer fire department was on standby the whole time, so I couldn’t march, but it was good seeing my son out there.

Here is the post I made in a different thread about my state…

I work for state government, I’m going nowhere near our agency HQ which is relatively close to the state capitol and might itself be a target. Here is what’s going on our capitol:

Following a violent riot at the U.S. Capitol and the protests in Olympia, more than 600 Washington National Guard members have been activated to support…

There was a standoff at the governor’s mansion on January 6 by protestors, who got through a locked gate.

I’m telling, it’s a great time to work for the government. :unamused: