Trumpsters in the US Capitol building

All kicking off in DC. Listening to NPR and watching NBC on TV with the sound turned down. Just incredible…

I can’t figure out if the National Guard has been activated or not.

Apparently they were activated yesterday but are not being sent in due to executive branch politics :frowning:

There’s an active discussion in the 6 January 2021 thread.

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I think the DC National Guard might be under Executive branch control, but what I heard is that the Capitol Police and DC Mayor have asked the Virginia governor for the VA National Guard to come help.

From a purely technical standpoint, yes, the amount of violence has been less - there hasn’t been arson, although there was word of a few shots fired.

When this is all over, no matter the outcome, Trumpists will perceive themselves as truth-bearers, righteous, and martyrs - even more. And that’s perhaps the most annoying thing.

Can this please be the end for @octopus? We’re in the middle of an attempted fucking coup and he is drawing equivalence with the BLM protests and the civil unrest surrounding them. Fuck him and all who think like him.

That’s absolutely uncalled for. I was against mob violence while it was excised daily by those on this site because it suited their political agenda. I’m against this as well. Sorry if pointing out hypocrisy is somehow uncomfortable. However, when mob violence is normalized and process is ignored as inconvenient you cannot be surprised when that very concept works against you.

You don’t think the citizens of all the cities and states that had 10s if not 100s millions of dollars worth of damage matter as much as the folks in DC? I think this whole year has been absolutely shameful with regards to political civility. There is no place for violence in politics and yet depending on who that violence is directed at we get selective outrage or selective support. That doesn’t work.

Whether you are right or not, this is 800,000% a huge fucking threadshit.

You can stick around, but you will never be taken seriously again. This is equivalent to 9/11 attack on our nation, and you shrug it off because no one has stolen any pens from the Senators’ desks.

Violence has no place in a functioning democracy. It’s a shame that that is not a message that the media, the citizens of this nation, and posters on this board are willing to promote consistently.

Not very active.

The difference between this and the violence amidst BLM protests, is that this was inspired by Trump himself and his kids whipping up the mob ahead of time, and the relative lack of law enforcement/military response to this (so far).

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Secondly, Octopus- using this opportunity to swipe at BLM protests isn’t appropriate. BLM isn’t the topic of this breaking news thread.

And JohnM. This is utterly inappropriate for this forum. Warning issued for saying fuck you outside the Pit.