So what's going to happen on Jan 20th?

Not sure if this is the right forum or not…

Anyway, so what do we think is going to happen on Jan 20th? A normal, orderly solemn inauguration? A pitched battle between the right-wing nuts and the Capitol Police, DC Police & DC National Guard? Something in between? Will that be dependent on whether Trump’s impeached or 25th Amendmented?

I just can’t get a handle on any of this…

I’m sure the right wing is fizzing with anger and frustration now that Apple/Google/AWS have basically driven three stakes through Parler’s heart, and that everyone else is trying to kick Trump out before then to prove a point. Are they going to try something like this again, or not? If so, will the Capitol Police/DC Police/DC NG respond more forcefully? Lethally so?

There is quite a bit of speculation in this active thread…

My WAG is a relatively normal inauguration (albeit planned to be much smaller, due to Covid restrictions). Everyone masked, except for speakers at the podium.

Much, MUCH more security, although it may not be apparent (and certainly not advertised)

I think the right wing loonies have mostly shot their wad. I think that also, some of them may have learned that there is no support for them to take violent action, and in fact the full force of the law will come down on them very fast.

They will also probably be likely to tone down the rhetoric and not communicate violent ideas with each other quite as readily… now that they know that it’s pretty easy to track them down, and expose them. Arrest or at the least loss of employment are pretty good disincentives.

There may be a few outlying nutbars, but they will (hopefully) be shut down before they are able to accomplish anything.