Seduction music

In many TV shows and movies when the male protagonist is in seduction mode he puts on Richard Claydermanesque music in his apartment. Is this just because the film makers do not need to pay any royalties for this muzak or do American guys really do this when they are seduction mode?

Most guys I know go with Barry White or Keith Sweat.


Bah. Stan Getz.

ETA: Although maybe that only works for Mrs. Bayard.

It would depend on the girl/woman, the time of the year, the alcohol being served and whatever the pre-seduction activity was. But that being said, the correct music can be very helpful.

When I was actively involved in that sort of thing, it could range from classical to mellow Jazz and standards. It was never rap, or country and seldom opera, oldies or show tunes unless used as an opener and then blending to some other type.

I found that lyrics often engendered thought patterns that were injurious to the desired final conclusion. Beat (musically) was important too.

Portishead, The Cure (Disintegration!), Lovage, Massive Attack, Bitter:Sweet, Roxy Music.

“Chelsea Bridge” by Ben Webster. Trust me.

I don’t know what guys use for seduction music, but I know what I’d put on. Commercial free internet radio. No need to get up midway to put another CD on.

A choice of radiostations can be found through websites like For atmosphere during dinner, I recommend Radio Paradise; for chilling out afterwards, one of the several “Smooth Jazz” stations. And, for lovemaking, nothing beats trance radio.

When it comes down to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.

Second Roxy Music


Second Portishead & Massive Attack. Sia’s good too, and I have a long playlist with the softer Tori Amos & Ani DiFranco songs. But Mezzanine has been a never-fail for me so far.


Astor Piazzolla’s Tango: Zero Hour. 38 reviews at Amazon: All *********

Read the LP’s liner notes here (scroll down the page). I’ve got the CD, too. And I did get to see him & his quintet play live.

Back when I was in college, a guy said to me: "We know when you’re getting laid - you shut your door and crank up Appetite for Destruction. Maybe it’s just me, I think it has a good rhythm for that.

Business Time

The Kings of Convenience.

Nobody has answered the question in the OP yet… everyone is just saying what they like instead.

I think that answers the OP pretty well - the average guy does not put on stereotypical cheesy “seduction music” when he’s actually trying to seduce a woman.

I guess I was expecting to find a discussion of how unrealistic, cheesy, and humorous the “stereotypical” seduction music was, rather than just yet another thread about what music is good to have sex to. shrug I’m not the OP though, and I have no idea what the intent of the thread was. It just surprised me is all.