See Museum Quality Airplanes in Dayton (Ohio) on February 15th!

Hey! Guess what I did, just for you? I pulled some strings at the United States Air Force Museum and got a signifcant discount on both parking and admissions. (Sorry, couldn’t do a thing for the IMAX movie.)

Alls ya gots to do is say you’re a “Friend of Cecil” when they ask you for money and you are so Jake. And show up on February 15th, that’s the other thing.

It’s right after Valentine’s Day and what better way to show your sweety how much you care than shiney aeroplanes?
-Rue. (Mr. Thoughtfull)

P.S. I’m also looking into the Kentucky Scottish Weekend(May) and the British Isles Festival(June), but I don’t think I can swing as marvelous a deal as I did with the planes.

So - is this a DopeFest or what?

I’ve missed the last few get-togethers - darned if I’m gonna miss this opportunity!

I hope you got $5 off of parking and admission, rather than that silly 50% off gag they tried to pull on me.

It’s not (currently) a DopeFest per se Poli. I just managed to get this great deal on the day I had planned to take Soupo and thought I’d pass on the good fortune. But if you wanted to spearhead the organization, well then it would be one wouldn’t it?

It’s all in your hands Poli. You’re our only hope!

50% keeper? Sheesh, you think I’m some sort of rube? I got a whopping 72% off the price of admission and 64% off parking. I drive a hard bargain.

Actually I drive a Honda.

:: mysterious hand gesture ::
You don’t need to see my identification.
I am not the organizer you are looking for.
I can go about my business.

How about this - if you wanna show up - show up.
Noonish … meet in front of the Enola Gay.

That’s about as organized as I can get.

So, golly gee, Rue, how did you score such a good deal? Was it your fighter-pilot swagger? Your confident bearing? Your whining and crying till they cut you a deal?

Incidentally, did you get us whopping discounts at the snack bar and the gift shop? Is there a snack bar and a gift shop? If we come from out of town, can we stay at your house? If we stay at your house, do we have to bring our own towels? If we bring our own towels, do we have to color-coordinate with your bathroom? If we…

Never mind. Even if you could get us in absolutely FREE, there’s the matter of air fare, so I guess I gotta miss out. Again. As usual. <sigh>

Man! I’ve always wanted to go there, unfortunately Mrs. Bernse isn’t a plane nut so I don’t think she’ll let me go unless we happen to be in the area.

Damn!! I’ve always wanted to get close to a Hustler, Valkyrie and Blackbird!

Uhhh… bernse, you know they have airplanes there too? Right? Just checking.

Yeah, the Hustler is a bit south of the actual museum. Left unlinked with respect for the rules.

Rue, I’m guessing that’s a weekend, right? I’ll probably be there with at least part of my clan, weather and such permitting.

Good news Shibb, it’s an indoor thing! Woo hoo! (Except for some of the Presidential Airplanes.) So as long as the weather doesn’t get too large (it IS the middle of February after all) we should be Jake.

Should we start worrying about where to meet up now? Or wait til closer to the Big Day? (I vote option #2, but you or Poli could overrule me and not hurt my feelings.)

I can wait until February 14 to set the time and meeting place. Poli’s MMV.

Hey that’s great! My Dad works as a volunteer there. Be sure to mind him when he asks you not to touch the planes.
(Oh, and parking and admission is free to the museum. :stuck_out_tongue:
The I-max will cost you though.)

When did that happen? Admittedly its been something like 20 years since I was there, but the Presidential planes all were indoors and the Valkyrie was outdoors (And, man, is that one ugly bird! They should have called it the Vulture!). Wish I could join you guys, but finances and prior commitments prohibit me from doing so.

Just ignore the man behind the curtain (shut up Blackclaw, shut up!) he’s just crazy. Doesn’t know a thing about anything. It’s all me here, I did this for you. Really, it was me.

I might be mis-remembering myself Tuckerfan. When we went last year, we didn’t do the Presidential Airplanes. Most everything was in the giant hangars, but there were about a dozen planes lines up next to the building. If I rememeber right, on base (that’s where the Prez Planes are and there’s a free bus, another service I worked out) most of the planes are in the hangar, but I vaguely rememeber a few of 'em out in front. Of course I can barely remember what I had for lunch yesterday, so don’t go by me.

The Presidential aircraft are kept indoors but at a seperate site that requires a quick shuttle bus ride. The Valkyrie has been moved indoors. A whole new hanger is in the process of being completed and a lot of the exhibits are being moved around.

No, really. My father gives tours and restrores aircraft there. I know everything there is to know about the museum. Trust me, the museum itself is absolutely f…mmmmpppppppph.

{A blanket is thrown over Blackclaw and he’s dragged off by Rue}

Seeing as how I have to be in town some time in the next few weeks to water plants at my parents house while they vacation (dang retired folk,) I might could make this little gathering.

I’m going to go ahead an pitch for the Dublin Pub as an after-museum eats place, too.

Perhaps if I pay thinksnow enough, he might let me ride with him over that way. . . if not, maybe I’ll hit him with my car? :wink:

Either way, sounds like fun. I should be able to make it.

Where are you these days when you’re not in town, Mr ts?

Hey, if we’re not careful, this could turn into PlaneDope. (It’s kid-friendly and educational.) We have our early activity and a “Pub” (whatever THAT might be) for carbohydrate/protein sustenance.

Let’s see…
count off-
(And Soupo and probably Uncle Skippy)
(and Mr. Poli?)
(and an Olethling or two)

Hey Blackclaw, if I let you out of the broomcloset will you come too? Or just your dad?

Hmm… will it’s a Saturday. My father doesn’t actually work that day, but then neither do I so I should be able to make it if I can keep my evening free. (I belong to a fairly adament role-playing group and I’m the GM. I risk being kidnapped if one of our games happens to fall on that day.)

I need to get out to the museum anyway and see how the new expansion project is going along. They had to move the B-36. Last I saw it, it was in a hanger with smaller aircraft all around it. The B-36 is 162 feet in length with a 230 foot wingspan, I bet moving that thing was exciting. I wonder if they put the wings back on yet.