See Spot. See Spot Run.

What’s up with seeing spots and squiggles? When I look at a a plain surface, such as a white ceiling or a blue sky or a snowfield, I see little dots and squiggles. When I turn my eyes, the dots and squiggles go with them. This has been the case with me at least since I was a teenager. My girlfriend has seen them only twice, and she freaked both times.

Is this something I should worry about? Is this common? Does it have a name?

Cecil Adams on What are those threads that float in your field of vision?

They’re called floaters, or, if you want to get technical, vitreous opacities.

Nothing to worry about, they’re just stray cells and other gubbins floating around inside your eyeball.

I see squiggly people…

Ah. So I don’t have to look in my toilet if I want to see floaters.

Thanks, peeps!