Seeding distant planets with life

If we were to start sending out long range ships for the express purpose of identifying planets with the potential for life and then seeding them with life forms capable of evolving, do we have the technology to know what to send?

If we did successfully seed a planet would we be their God? Even if we had no idea they were even seeded or existed.

No. We may already have inadvertently seeded Mars or the Moon with Earth life, despite our best attempts to avoid this. If we have, it doesn’t make us gods, it just makes us careless.

Re the OP; we do not have the technology to know what to send at the moment. But by the time we have built the first ships capable of reaching other stars, we might have. Even then, I would expect a lot of failures- resulting in planets of useless stinking sludge that will take millions or billions of years to develop into something useful.

I think we do know what to send: cyanobacteria, algae, and stromatolites. Each played a key part in the evolution of life on Earth and if evolution has surpassed them on the target planet, seeding of life is not needed.

Getting them there alive is a very different problem, of course.

We’re also further worried about exploring Europa for much the same reason. With the subsurface oceans, accidental contamination could cause problems in proving life beyond earth.

To answer the follow-up question as you did:

If we did seed life on another planet, but did not get there until after intelligent life had evolved, what makes you think they would even consider us as gods? They should have no notion of our existence. And if we were there the entire time, knowing humanity, they would like be slaves of some sort to us.