Seeing the other point of view

I think I’m pretty good at seeing both sides of an issue. It is like an exercise in empathy to see where other people are coming from, and usually this is a good thing.

Dopers, will you help me test this out?

Tell me about an argument or disagreement you’ve had (real or imagined) and I will try to articulate the other point of view. (Kind of like in a debate class where you are assigned a position, but I am picturing these to be smaller scale than debate-worthy items).

Once I reply, I’ll consider the topic open if someone else wants to add a different POV or thinks I missed something.

If you’ve got me delving into the opposite POV for a topic that I have my own strong opinions on, I may just note this in spoiler tags.

I’m not sure how this is going to go - so let’s just give it a whirl!

I think texting while drinking and driving at night is dangerous, but my buddy sees nothing wrong with it as long as one hand is on the wheel most of the time. Please help me see his point of view.

Okay, for some reason this wants to come out in the first person from his perspective…
I know my own limits. I’m not going to be stupid enough to be distracted and cause an accident. I have enough control over my own attention to know how to split it between the road and the phone, without endangering anybody. The cautions about being distracted don’t apply to me because I am very careful.

A little weak-I already know he thinks he can pull it off. I can’t ignore the fact that both drinking and texting individually while driving is done by those who claim they can handle it…and fail miserably. Claiming to have good judgment while taking a substance that will inhibit that judgment shows poor judgment, in my opinion.

okay, well I didn’t claim I could necessarily give you new information :smiley:

I don’t think there is more to this one than an individual thinking they are above the warnings. (Or, alternatively not caring if they hurt themselves or others which is a whole other thing.)

Appreciate the participation anyways.

I’m glad you didn’t take my query as a joke post. I wanted to see how you would handle what would seem to be a completely untenable position.