Seeking "dumbed down" WinXP highlighting

I’m running Windows XP Pro. I’d love to be able to turn off all “smart” highlighting - for example, when the highlight “helpfully” jumps to the end of the word when you’ve placed the cursor on its second letter. On balance, this “feature” is a huge nuisance and the ability to kill it would be wonderful.

I note that this does not work the same way in every application. Am I at the mercy of each app’s designer, or is there some way to exterminate this pest once and for all?

As you note, it depends on the application. XP provides the tool, but it’s up to the program to make use of it.

I can help you with Word, at least: go to Tools->Options…->Edit. Deselect “When selecting, automatically select entire word” and possibly “Smart paragraph selection” as well. Most programs that utilize this should have a similar toggle.

(Note: this is on Word 2003. I can’t help you on 2007 if that’s what you have, although if you futz around you should be able to find the options.)

Thanks - I managed to get Word sorted out some time back.

One of the worst offenders is the SDMB, when creating or editing a post. Any way to tame that nastiness?

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge there is no way to turn this utterly infuriating behaviour off. I’ve spent a long time in the past trying to fix this, to no avail. There doesn’t even seem to be a registry hack to achieve it.

The best I can offer is that neither Firefox nor Opera do it, but I appreciate that you probably don’t want to switch browsers over something like this. Used to drive me nuts, though; why on earth isn’t there an option to say “I’m not a hamfisted yutz, and I selected precisely what I meant to thankyouverymuch”?

You can use Shift + left/right arrows, if that’s any help. Plus Ctrl to jump a word at a time.