Triple-clicking in Word highlights only the first word?

What the heck happened? I used to be able to triple-click a line (Word 2000), and it would automatically highlight the entire line/paragraph. Now, it seems to highlight the entire paragraph for an instant, then highlight just the first word. Did I accidentally change a setting? How do I set it back? Arrrrghhhhh!

Is it possible you are quadruple-clicking? Triple-clicking highlights the entire paragraph, and then a fourth click goes back to a single word highlighted.

If that’s not it, then I got nuthin’…

Definitely triple-clicking. I couldn’t understand what was happening (it was rather subtly driving me mad), so paid very close attention to the steps. It highlights the entire paragraph for a second or so (post clicking), then reverts to just the first word.

I’m not using Word 2000, I’m on 2008, but in the options for 2008 there is a check box for “Use smart paragraph selection” in the advanced Word options. Does that existin in 2000?

I thought so, but I can’t find it at the moment. I can find the automatically select entire word box, but not smart paragraph selection. Funny thing is that triple-clicking works in the help screen, so I know it’s Word-based.