Seeking generic gift suggestion.

Here’s the situation, when you adopt a family for Christmas the Mom lists three things the each kid wants as suggestions. The charity used to allow the Mom to say something she wanted, (if the donor felt so inclined!), but seems to have changed the form this year. They do suggest, if you wish, something simple like a box of chocolates.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think up something besides a box of candy, but I’m not having much luck. Of course not knowing anything about them doesn’t help.

So I thought I’d come here and see if anyone has any ideas they’d like to share.
I could use the help as the submission date is approaching. I whizzed through the kids, plus some candies, nuts, tablecloth, wrapping paper, etc, but now I’m stumped.

Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas!

Yeti cup, gift card

Nice toiletries?

I’m thinking that even if it’s something she can’t use directly, having something to regift to someone else could actually be very welcome. Not being able to give friends and family nice things in the normally expected situations is something that often really bothers people having a bad time financially.

Socks, new socks are the best or one of those gift kits. You know the ones that have hot chocolate makings and a cute mug. Or one with body sprays.

What about a box of flavored teas or some hot chocolate mix and a nice mug? A gift card with some homemade cookies, maybe? Another idea might be a gift bag with some moisturizer, chapstick, etc. it may not seem like much, but it’s practical.

Practical gifts are good. Things that make life more livable. Like a water bottle or an orange peeler or study pair of leather gloves. These are small, inexpensive things, but they are luxuries for people who are down on their luck.

Scented candles are also really nice. And so are those aromatherapy mister thingies

I might go to Ulta and get a set of shower gel and lotion, something lightly scented (like citrus or almond oil scent).

My go to practical, generic gift (for adults, single moms) is backup lighting for their house. One or two of these which can plug into an outlet and will illuminate if the power is out. They can also be removed and carried around the house as a flashlight too.

It’s an odd choice I know, but they are really useful when the power goes out at night, and one of those things people never get around to buying.