Seeking name of new industry approved music download site


I recently heard on the radio (or television?) about a new music downloading site that is industry approved. IIRC, it has most big labels under its umbrella. One pays a monthly fee to download and listen to unlimited songs, but pays ninety-nine cents to burn it to a CD or a MP3 player. Anybody know what it is?

I think it’s Rhapsody. $10 per month for unlimited play on demand and $0.99 to burn to a CD.

Has anyone signed up for this? I’m a little skeptical. For one thing, the website goes out of its way to repeat the phase “CD quality sound” over and over. Is it really? That is, do they offer downloads of songs in WAV format or using lossless audio compression?

Apparently not. Upon examination of the FAQ, the files use Windows Media 8 for audio. CD quality, eh? By definition, Windows Media is lossy compression. Lossy. Loss. Meaning loss of information. It’s right there in the name. These are not CD quality tracks. They are liars.

Hmm. Evidently the difference is mathematically significant, but what difference will it make to my ears?