Seeking psychology cite re: IQ and stimulation

In a psych class I learned about a study that I seem to recall the prof. referring to as “Skells & Skodak, 1948.” That spelling is phonetic.

The researchers took a number of infants in a hospital (?) for the mentally slow/ill and randomly split them into two groups. One group was treated as normal, the other received one-on-one play time for a few hours per day with retarded (?) girls living in the facility. After two years there was an IQ difference of like 30 points. After growing up, the control group was largely basket cases (no offense) and the treatment group was largely normal.

Does anybody know about this and where I can read about it? Internet references are preferred–I’m about an hour from the nearest library. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

It’s actually Skeels and Skodak who did lots of work on IQ and “nature VS nurture” particularly with adoptees. Here are a couple of things of interest one and more what you are after two perhaps you can find more.