Seeking source of simulated person

OK, I know the “person” depicted in [this image]($File/Sim girl 2.jpg) is only a simulation and NOT a real person. But in order to prove that contention to a friend I need the web source for the simulation. Can someone please direct me? {In case you have trouble accessing the image, it’s the oft seen androgynous figure (usually torso only) wearing a maroon baseball cap (backwards) and round sun glasses (hiding eyes that cannot be easily simulated in a convincing fashion.)} TIA.

That picture could have been completely drawn on a computer… e.g. the people in the Final Fantasy movie were completely drawn using a computer - with no face textures from real people at all.
To make it easier to track down the source of that picture, where did you originally find it? Where have you seen it (you said it is “oft seen”)?

Where is this “oft” seen? I’ve never seen it before.

The image is “oft seen” on videoconferencing sites such as CU-SeeMe reflectors where less-than-candid users use such programs as SoftCam to “pretend” they are sending live video. They pull up this image from some web site, “wire-frame” it with SoftCam which then transmits it as video generated by the user. The image actually has some minimal rudimentary movement to it but never changes materially. I’m just trying to find the originating web site or any info about how this image is created.

Who would think that is live video?!? The person doesn’t even have a body! So CU-SeeMe and SoftCam are the originators… you should have “CU-SeeMe/SoftCam fake picture” as your title or ask people who use that picture about where they got it from.
Doesn’t your friend realize that that person has no body, which is unusual for a real person? Unless there is any other evidence, I’d say it is video captured from a real person placed on that background. To let just the upper part get video captured they could have done it against a single-colour background, or more likely, cut it out by hand in an image-editing program. The jagged edges suggest it was cut out by an amateur. BTW, it looks like a girl to me.
I’ll just make it so everyone can see the picture easily:$File/Sim%20girl%202.jpg

It looks like I can’t post images…

Well, apparently many people, including Ops in the videoconferencing arena have been fooled by this simulation. Yes, this particular rendition, which quite plainly shows a rather truncated torso, seems pretty bizarre. There ARE, however, programs such as Backdrop which WILL allow you to take actual live video from a PC cam and superimpose it onto a variety of backgrounds in chroma-key (“green screen”) fashion. But you could also use this fake rather than live video as an input to Backdrop. And although the image I link to is a single frame captured (using Snagit) from the video stream I was observing, when you watch the stream there IS, as I mentioned, some minimal movement: the head nods up and down in several increments, glances to the right as if looking directly into the camera lens and back again. Frame rate depends on a number of variables including connection speed and the refresh rate of the videoconferencing site in use. I was seeing about 0.25 FPS on my DSL line. Now that you mention it, it may actually be a built-in selection of the SoftCam program, but since I don’t presently have it installed on my current computer I can’t check that. Perhaps a Registered SoftCam user can assist me here.

It could just involve a looping animation. Basically it could have been prerecorded and edited from a real person. I wouldn’t call it a “simulated person” unless it was modelled and animated using only a computer.
So do you think the photo part of the image is a real photo? Or do you think someone created using a 3d modelling program?

I’m not really sure. To my eye, the skin texture (which loses a little clarity in my capture) looks a little too perfect to be a looped capture of an actual person. I’m inclined to think it’s all made up of 1’s and 0’s in Laura Kroft fashion, I just need the proof.

Maybe it is a girl’s skin - they have very soft skin and use lots of cremes to try and make their skin look perfect. It is only a low resolution grab which lots like it has a limited number of colours (see the bad colour banding). It looks like she? has pimples or at least some kind of specks next to her mouth… so it is hardly flawless.