Photo - real or Photoshopped (CAUTION: Possibly disturbing picture)

I tried to Google the answer but couldn’t find anything.


Could you please give a warning that this is a facial picture of a girl who appears to have had her face slashed by a razor blade in the shape of a game of tic tac toe.

I don’t know why you would need to Photoshop something that can be easily created with makeup effects.

Except for the text, of course.

Sorry if this offended you.

I don’t know. If it could happen to this guy, I imagine it could happen to anyone.

This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and seeing quite a few shops in my time. :smiley:
Seriously, though, it looks like paint, not actual cuts.

At the request of a number of posters who reported the thread, I added “(CAUTION: Possibly disturbing picture)” to the thread title.

It doesn’t look photoshopped, it looks like face makeup. Face and head wounds bleed like a motherfuck, and there’s no redness or swelling like you’d see on cuts like that.


Photoshopped. The lines appear to be created within the flat image plane and not actually on the three-dimensional face.

It looks like it is part real and part photoshopped:

Looks like Sage Rat got it, thanks. Still it’s awful.

Thank you. And again, sorry to those who were upset by it. I can be clueless sometimes.

That bitch was going for the eyes. I hope she gets more than a wrist slap.

That story’s from 2005. The attacker got a two-year supervision order.

For what it’s worth, fromthis account of the court case, Shanni may not have been an entirely innocent victim.

Hmm. It looks like both girls needed a bit more punishment. But slashing someone in the face near the eyes when the attacker was in absolutely no imminent danger seems like a very serious offense to me.

For what it’s worth, those are totally BADASS scars.

How did you find that? Did you just remember the story, or do you have some kind of mega-super picture search I need to know about?

Not too hard, took me about 5 seconds…

Google Image Search.

There is indeed a mega-super picture search that you’d probably like to know about.

Tin Eye results searching for the picture in the OP.