Seeking the source of an AFL aphorism

My apologies for only having the barest bones of this but:

During a telecast the commentators recalled a coach describing one of his players in something like the following terms.

“If you needed a yard, he’d get you two;
If you needed ten yards, he’d get you two.”

It sounded like an old story, might even be well known. I don’t know the team or position. But despite the stone cold trail, would anyone know who the coach was and to which player he was referring? I’ve got a work colleague who fits this description to a tee.

Sounds like any fullback, typically good on third down and short, or a big RB, of the same specialization.

Who comes to mind (and I’ve heard the expression, and I know whihc games I watched this year, so here are the logical nominees):

Zack Crocket
Stacy Mack
Moe Williams
Mike Alsott
Terrel Fltecher
Fred Beasley

BTW, I thought the original expression was:

“If you needed a yard, he’d get you two. If you need three yards, he’d get you two”.
And I might add that I now realize that you are referring to Australian Football, but now you know that this expression was popular in the States as well.

I’ve heard it within the past year, and recall hearing it years ago. An old expression to me.

Thanks for that Philster.

FWIW I an referring the American football. :slight_smile:

Yep, you’re a Sydneysider alright.

Prostituting the grand old initials AFL like that. Sheesh!

Any more of that and we’ll bring the league back to Victoria where it belongs

(now THERE’S a threat for you…)