seen trailer for pink panter movie..

I don’t know… recall seeing those movies on tv when I was a kid and he made me laugh… steve martin is a really funny guy but I just didn’t feel the whatchamacallit watching the trailer… who knows what the deal is…

oh oh… was drinking a bit… missed the h in panther… whoops!

The trailer I saw was terrible - dreadfully unfunny, painful to even watch for the brief time it was onscreen. That, coupled with the repeated delays on it’s release date, makes me think this is going to be one huge stinking, lousy movie. I certainly don’t expect to ever watch it. I have only a limited appreciation for Steve Martin’s work, and I think he’s too heavy handed to pull off this role.

I, on the other hand, love Steve Martin, but this looks like a stinker. Did I read in EW that its release date has been pushed back to February?