Sefely removing bumper stickers from car

I have a 2004 Honda Accord(Blue) and I think the previous owner put on 3-5 bumper stickers probably in 2008-2010. How do I get them off without hurting the finish?

Try heating with a hair dryer, while pulling from a corner.

I’ve used WD40 to remove stickers from things.

If the hair dryer isn’t effective enough there are products you can buy specifically for this. Do a search on ‘adhesive remover’, they’re oil-based solvents which will dissolve the glue (soap & hot water will do absolutely nothing).

WD is cheap & effective.

I’ve used an electric pressure washer aimed at the edge of a sticker to quickly peel off the paper / plastic with the message on it, then goo-gone, wd-40, or similar to slowly work away at the remaining adhesive. Goo-gone’s advantage over wd-40 is it makes your hands smell like citrus rather than petroleum.

I used a razor blade and lighter fluid to get mine off. If the bumper is plastic, the razor blade method can be challenging as it tends to dig into the plastic.