Seinfeld and Friends Guest Stars

I have been watching these two shows in syndication and it amazes me the quality of guest stars. But for every Bruce Willis, Tom Selleck and superstar cameo you have, there are two or three “before they were stars” appearances.

Last night I saw the star of Gilmore Girls on the speed dial episode of seinfeld. Grace from Will and Grace played Jerry’s racist date. Courtney Cox even played one of Jerry’s girls on Seinfeld before Friends (though already famous).

Christine Taylor has been on both shows.

Great casting directors or simply a nice platform to launch a career?

Yeah, go to the imdb and you can look up all the guests on both shows. Lots of famous people.

Thanks for the tip. A while back, I checked and Seinfeld didn’t have them (even under Full Cast). I’ll check again.

Favorite “future star” guest star: Fraiser’s Jane Leeves as the closet designing virgin.

Favorite “marginal star” guest star: Judge Rienhold as the close talker.

Favorite “That Guy” guest star: Phillip Baker Hall as Bookman, the library cop.
Kramer: The library cop’s name is Bookman? That’s like an ice cream man named Cone!*

*[sub]This may or may not be the direct quote.[/sub]

My favorite, and not for the obvious reasons.

I just keep expecting Hall to calmly extract a 9mm from inside his coat and pop 4 caps in Jerry’s snide little ass.

Favorite “future star” guest star: Brian Cranston (the dad in Malcolm in the Middle) as the dentist who converted to Judaism

Favorite “already a star” guest star: Teri Hatcher “They’re real and they’re spectacular!”

Favorite “who’s that?” guest star: Alexandra Wentworth “No, you’re schmoopie!”

I’d have to go with AJ Langer in the “mentor” episode. She dates Jerry, and George takes her under his wing. Maybe she’s my favorite because I lust after her, though.

Favorite “already a recognizable star anyway” shot to James Spader, as the recovering alcoholic who refuses to make amends with George for saying he had a bulbous head.