Seinfeld's most attractive girlfriends?

Of all the women that appeared as Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriends on his TV show, who did you find most attractive? I think my favorites (that I can think of at the moment) are Kristin Davis and Teri Hatcher. I may think of more later, but those two are currently tops on my list!

Courteney Cox. Rowrr.

His naked girlfriend (Kathleen McClellan, who didn’t exactly springboard to fame and fortune) always sticks out in my mind. But without a doubt, Teri Hatcher was easily the most attractive.

That one who walked around naked was hot. I found it hard to believe that anything would be “bad naked” with her.

And apparently DooWahDiddy and fiddlesticks have the same taste in women. :wink:


And Man Hands.

And Daphne.

Amanda Peet.

I just like writing “Amanda Peet.”

In general, I didn’t like Jerry’s taste in women, but most of the ones who were/are famous were pretty hot.

Kristen Davis springs mind (and other places).

Teri Hatcher. I even thought the characters name was pretty. Sydra (sp?).

A few other candidates: :smiley:

Jennifer campbell as the model he met in first class on the plane episode

Paula Marshall, the girl who thought he was gay… not really a girlfriend, but he was on a date with her before George ruined it, right??

Dylan Tays as Nikki, the girl from the calzone episode who he had flirt with other guys to do thing for both of them.

Melanie Smith as Rachel, the one who he made out with all during Schindler’s list

Marita Geraghty as Margaret, the one who dated Newman so Jerry dumped her. (sigh)

Janeane Garofolo is INCREDIBLY cute of course. :slight_smile:

Kristin Davis always wins.

BTW, does anybody think that actress is a dead ringer for Jewel? The first time I saw the episode, I closely read the ending credits just to see if it was her.

Oh, and I agree with the choice of Melanie Smith (Rachel). I would also mention the woman Jerry tried to unsuccessfully tried break up with because she kept finishing his sentences for him. I think the actress’ name is Julia Campbell.

Are any of George’s girlfriends being considered? For an annoying, short, fat, bald, loser who was often jobless and sometimes lived with his parents, he seemed to date an inordinate number of beautiful women.

Mariska Hargitay. I’d hit it.

How about Rebecca Staab? She played the girlfriend int the episod The Pledge Drive who works for PBS. Jerry also throws away her thank you card. She was recently on Nip/Tuck in had a very sexy scene.

And how about the goody-goody girlfiend from The Sponge played by Jennifer Guthrie?

Here’s a link to a list and pictures of the girlfriends of the Sein.

Thanks for the list, ZeroGyro.

Add Lori Loughlin for me. Uncle Jesse was a lucky man.

Welcome Only Mostly Dead.

How could I forget the roommates on the episode The Switch? The non-laughing girlfriend (Jann Karam) is cute. Kind of looks like Tina Fey. But the real find is the roommate who Jerry wanted to switch her for, played by Heather Medway. Very nice.

As you can tell, I’m a fan of the casting on Seinfeld.

Also, the girl who was his maid who he ended up sleeping with. Hubba hubba. Sorry, no link.

Mulva? Gloreola?

(Not really- I’d also go with “Naked Girl” & Teri Hatcher (“They’re real and they’re spectacular”) ties- AND does Elaine count?)

how do you guys know all these names? I’m getting old I guess.

Lauren Graham is no slouch!