Seinfeld Favorites

I wish Seinfeld was still on. I love the reruns cause there are so many that I haven’t seen.

Who is your favorite character & why?

I like:

Elaine: for her crazy dancing

Kramer: for the time he test drove a new car & ran out of gas

George: for his penny pinching wedding announcements that killed his fiance. He always has a date.

Oh I also love when he got caught with his pants down and he was humiliated “I was in the pool!”

Newman: For the time he told jerry “because the mail never stops, jerry. THE MAIL NEVER STOPS! It just keeps coming and coming, and then it’s punlishers clearing house day…”

Jerry: Loved when the showerheads didn’t work right and he bought one off the blackmarket. Also love the one when he was caught “scratching” his nose but the girl thought he was “picking” it.

Uncle Leo: When he used to ask “Is this Jerry?” all the time.

Jerry’s Parents: For the time Jerry’s dad was impeached from the Home Owners Association.

George’s Parents: These people were a hoot everytime they were on screen. I especially liked the “Bro” skit

I think Elaine is my favorite!

Following your lead–

I like:

Elaine: for how she shoves people in the chest and exclaims, “Get Out!”

Kramer: for the time he couldn’t find a restroom and “missed his window.”

George: for his overstuffed wallet (I have one of those!) and for his argument with the bubble boy over the “Moops.”

Newman: For the time he wound up at a farmhouse in the country with a farmer and his gorgeous, sex-starved daughter–just like in all those old jokes.

Jerry: his love of Superman, especially in the episode where he was dating a woman named Lois and he had a rematch race with someone he raced in high school. once.

Uncle Leo: When Jerry ratted him out for shoplifting in the bookstore. “Swarm! Swarm!!”

Jerry’s Parents: For catching the Early Bird Special (dinner served at something like 3:30)

George’s Parents: “Don’t stop short with me!”

I love them all, but George is by far my favorite.

  1. Moops. The answer is Moops.

  2. Two items in one episode, George has a girlfriend (Melanie Chartoff?) with a kid, and he goes to the kids birthday party in a basic high rise apartment. He harrasses the clown hired for the party for not knowing who Bozo the clown was. After that argument, he smells something burning. he goes into the kitchen and sees smoke (grease fire) and hauls ass out of the building knocking down a couple of kids and an very elderly woman with a walker. He tries to play it off later when confronted saying he was leading the way out of the building.

3.) Any episode with the wonderful Jerry Stiller. “Serenity Now!” The funniest one was when Frank (Stiller) buys a pool table and puts it in a too small of a room, then invites Kramer to play. Kramer knocks out a window and gets in each other’s way.

why didnt the Constanzas get their own show after Seinfeld ended…oh well…i like all 4 (jerry george elaine kramer) because they are all good in their own way…and the supporting cast just adds to the greatness…i can say there are only 2 episodes i dont like much and its the shows where they show clips of different shows…but soon as the show (clips one) starts im into it…call me a fan