Seinfeld/Breaking News/Challenge to Cecil

Today I met the real Cosmo, the person who is the reason that Kramer eventually was named Cosmo.

I should explain I’ve known this person for about a year, since he is a sales person at a marine store I frequent. But just today I gathered up the courage to ask his name.

Short for Cosmo ?:wink:
Your parents must have named you after Cosmo Kramer

“Actually he was named after me”


Here goes the story.

Cosmo, a teenager in the mid nineties , was working a gas dock on Cortez Island, B.C. when two guys approached him and offered him $100 to burn his CBS hat acquired from another client. Cosmo refused, but asked them why. They said they were big time NBC writers. Cosmo made it clear he didn’t believe them. They said they would prove it to him , just wait. Lo and behold Kramer finally got a first name after quite a few seasons.

I believe this guy. I’m withholding his last name only because I think it is the right thing to do.

I’m challenging Cecil to get the straight dope on this rumor I just started .

Not true:

While I’m skeptical of the OP’s story as well, the Wiki doesn’t really touch on where the name Cosmo came from. While we all know the character was based on Larry David’s ex-neighbor Kenny Kramer, as the Wiki said he did not have a first name for the first 5 seasons. It wasn’t until the episode “The Switch” that his first name was revealed. The Wiki doesn’t say how or why that was chosen as his first name.

So if the OP’s story were true it would be consistent with what’s there. Need to dig a little deeper.

I’m with Rigamarole on this one. Wendell, what in particular about the article you’ve cited do you think refutes the OP’s claim?

In general, stories by people who claim to be the inspiration for something are false at least 99% of the time.

These stories are usually trivial to refute, but some are just so obscure and lacking info that it’s not so easy. Then you have to rely on WoG.

There are so many of them, why waste time looking into any one of them?

FD, let me elaborate on why I’m a bit skeptical of your friend’s story.

This is very peculiar behavior. I see baseball caps all the time that are decorated with the logos of things I don’t particularly like or approve of, but it’s never occurred to me to offer up a C-note to destroy the offending hat. Who does that? This might be more plausible if your friend had said that the two guys were falling-down drunk.

This is where your friend’s story falls apart for me. A teenager working a minimum-wage gas-pumping job turns down an easy $100? Not a chance.

So these gentlemen wanted to burn the hat in a show of pro-NBC pride? This is the first time I’ve ever heard of television comedy writers displaying loyalty to a network. I remember how Letterman constantly mocked NBC when he worked there.

Why would these “big time NBC writers” care about whether some kid believed them?

So these guys put something into a TV show as a “ha ha, we showed you!” to somebody that they’d likely never see again? Really? I wonder what would they have done if your friend had a mundane first name like John or Bill.

I’d also be curious to know how much time elapsed between this fateful meeting on the gas dock and the broadcast of “The Switch,” in which Kramer’s first name was revealed.

I’d want to see some corroborating evidence.

I could imagine the Seinfeld writers seeing the name “Cosmo” on somebody’s nametag and deciding to use it. But I doubt that they’d actually tell the person they were going to use the name, because they had trouble with the guy whom Kramer was based upon:

Apparently Cosmo was nearly Conrad: About The Controversial ‘Seinfeld’ Episode That Never Aired, Which Featured Kramer’s Original First Name