Seinfeld Opera Episode

The Seinfeld episode where they go to the opera… and I think “Crazy” Joe Devola dresses up as a Clown from the Opera.

Now, I believe the Opera they were going to see was “Pagliachi” pronounced “Pally-AH-Chi”?

My question is, does anyone know the name of the track “Crazy” Joe Devola was listening to in his apartment?

And if anyone can correct my spelling on the name of the Opera etc, It would be appreciated. I’m trying to find a recording.

Isn’t the opera, I Paggliacci?

I haven’t seen this episode of Seinfeld, but there is an opera called “Pagliacci” by Ruggiero Leoncavallo. It’s one of the roles Enrico Caruso is very famous for. It is pronounced more like “pahl-YA-chee”, but you’re very close. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the name of the excerpt used in the episode.

Hope this helps.

“Vesti la Giubba”, perhaps?

I’m not sure the of the name of the song, but I remember it as the song that the clown sings, kinda melancholy.

If I remember correctly it is the same tune as the first few seconds of the prelude, Si Puo, which can be heard on this page.

I can’t seem to find the actual aria (or whatever it’s called) that the character is singing to that tune.

Vesti la Giubba

BTW, I don’t watch television,and have never seen one episode of Sienfeld, therefore do not have clue #1 about this; but “Vesti la Giubba” is the aria from the opera in question.

In it the protagonist mournfully forces himself to don the costume of a clown, even though jealousy is poisoning his heart.

It is sad, yes. :frowning: