Self grooming in Laos

Hallo, all. Two quick questions:

  1. Because I loathe, and am openly, annoyingly whiney about, going to the hairdressers (net result: I often look like Captain Caveman), my wife has bought a lovely, shiny Remington do-it-yerself haircutting kit. The first go with it is booked for about an hour from now, and I am crapping myself. Any advice from other self-groomers?

  2. I’m off to Laos tomorrow. Anybody been?

depends. I’ve been using butch clippers on myself for about 25 years. If you like it short and a uniform length - its real easy. Just run it over your head in a bunch of different directions. Take a look in the mirror to see if there are any strays. Get your wife to trim your neck if you’re fastidious about it.

I tend to clip right over a garbage can.

I’ve never been to Laos but I have been to the Chinese side of the border.

Cheers, China Guy. I’ll just do the bugger and get it over with (it’s kind of my official “I am balding and should now crop my hair and stop pretending to be young” haircut).

I was in Shanghai last year. Noisy, exciting place.

Okay. Because response to this thread has been overwhelming, I am forced to respond.

The cut has been done, relatively successfully, by my lovely wife. I am now sporting the “shaven thug” rather than the “yuppy bastard”. I feel older, but wiser (and cooler). Thought the world would want to know.

shaven thug is 10 times better than “lame comb over wannabe yuppie bastard”. Trust me, I know :cool:


I gotta say it:

Cite? :wink:

That’s the spirit! “Look upon my patchy, shining pate, and despair!”

Or, as the old headstone saying goes “As you were, I once was. As I am, you will be.”

Tenar (who is female with thinning hair and no sense of humor whatsoever about it.)