Selfie Death Capital of the World

It’s India, site of 19 or 38.8% of the 49 selfie-related deaths that have occurred in the world since 2014. In response, India has established 16 no-selfie zones nationwide.

Be careful out there, shutterbugs!

Now there’s an idea. The Philippines is the journalist murder capital. We should establish no-media zones.

We already have, at various political events in the United States.

Oh, Long Johnson!

From some article I read, it’s not the nation of India that legislated no-selfie zones – it’s just the city of Mumbai, where a lot of those happened.

One cite mentioned that a group of five buddies, all as a group, fell off a cliff while taking a selfie. (No deaths, and only two of them seriously injured.)

I’m glad no one died, because if they had, I would feel even more guilty than I already do about giggling at that sentence.