Selling a car in Maryland

If I wanted to sell a car I owned in Maryland to another individual and the car is completely paid off, what is the precise step by step procedure for doing this and making sure all the steps are taken care of correctly?

The other cars I have disposed of were traded into a dealer when purchasing another car except for my first car, a 73 Dodge Dart Sport beater which I sold for $ 200 cash in 1986 and gave the new owner the title. The new owner in Delaware apparently never registered it in his name and the police called me several times at 3 AM about “this abandoned car of mine” and I finally asked them to simply destroy it. If I do it myself this time around I want to make sure the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The car was completely paid off a few years ago so I assume the paperwork the bank sent me shortly after the last payment is the title and related ownership docs.

Any help appreciated.

As far as I’m aware, as soon as you turn in your tags to the DMV, the car along with any illegal things done with it are no longer your problem.

The Maryland MVA sez (along with a lot of other good info) if you are selling a vehicle in MD:

I think a notarized document would serve to protect you sufficiently.