Selling an item with the software?

I bought a new portable GPS that came packaged with a Map CD.
I’ve decided I want another model.
Is it legal to resell this item with the Map CD on Ebay or to anyone that is interested?

Is it otherwise illegal to sell the map cd?

Yes. Until the RIAA get their way, it’s completely legal to sell your CD, DVD, book, software, and sad clown collection, provided you don’t keep a copy. (Thought it’s morally wrong to do the last)

No, it says one can’t sell it. But this map CD is usually sold separate. The GPS came with the CD and is considered part of the GPS. I see some used units are sold on ebay with and without the CD. I see no difference in selling this unit with the CD than selling a used computer with Windows installed… but I the law is the law.

This may mean that it’s not for resale on it’s own, meaning that the store couldn’t slip the CD out of the GPS unit’s packaging and sell it as a separate unit.

Yes, one can purchase the GPS alone, GPS containing the the Mapping software or one can purchase only the Mapping software. The GPS with the software is a slightly lower price than purchasing each item separate.

It doesn’t say one can’t give away software. Then could I legally sell the GPS and give them the software?

I think you can disregard that. The first sale doctrine gives you the right to resell what you buy.