Selling Gold

I recently cleaned out my jewelry box. I have several single gold earrings, a couple of gold chains with broken clasps, etc. It’s not much, but it’s all 14k solid gold. I also have a few non-broken gold chains that I wouldn’t mind parting with. I would like to rid myself of this stuff, and I was wondering if I could sell it.

So, how do I go about selling gold?

I don’t expect to get a lot of money for what I have, but I don’t want to get ripped off either. There is a local place with a sign saying that they buy old gold, etc., but I have no idea if they’re reputable.

Thanks in advance.

14k is worth about five bucks a gram scrap which its the price you are going to get for it. You can google for scrap gold prices.

call a few local coin dealer in the yellow pages. We currently pay $6.50 per pennyweight for 14k. That’s about the $5/gm mentioned. We make about 1.50/dwt when we scrap out. You shoud be able to get someone to pay you that.

Thanks. I never would have thought of calling a coin store.