Selling on Amazon

Has anyone tried this? It seems like it might be a bit less sketchy than eBay or Craigslist.

If you have, would you mind giving some feedback?


I haven’t sold anything on Amazon, but I do remember a number of threads on the topic. Here’s the Google search, which may help out.

Thanks! I hadn’t seen those.

What kind of products were you thinking of selling? Different venues are optimal for different products.

It’s an excellent way to sell used books.

I’ve had good success with selling stuff on their Marketplace. I’ve only sold 10 things on there as I just do it when I need to unload something.

I’ve sold 5 different cell phones, an old iPad, and old Kindle and a couple other oddball electronics.

I like that they don’t muck about with shipping like on Ebay. Amazon tells you how much you can charge for shipping and that’s that. No listing fees, and just some money off the top if and when it sells.

Bosda does it a lot. I don’t know how much success he’s had but he’s constantly posting his listings in Marketplace so you can check out his set up at least.