selling used books for a library: amazon v.

I volunteer for my sorely underfunded public library; last night at the Friends of the Library meeting, we were discussing selling some of the better-quality donated books online and I’m looking into which site might be best for this endeavor.

I’m familiar with some of the selling procedures on, since I used to work in a bookstore that did a fair amount of business there. I’ve reviewed the selling policy on amazon, and right now it seems like may be the better deal (no fee for an account, for starters).

I’m curious to hear from other sellers as to what their experiences have been with half and amazon. Also, one of the people in the Friends meeting mentioned that he thought amazon had some sort of special deal for nonprofits that wanted to sell books, but I couldn’t find anything on their site–anyone know what he might be talking about?

I would go via Ebay. Greater daily audience.

That thought did cross my mind; however, when I was researching it last night, I discovered that the library system blocks eBay. Since I’m working at a branch, it would take a heckuva lot of work to get the site unblocked by the people in charge at the main library.