Selma Blair- "Filled with Shame"

Here’s a link to the story, but apparently Selma Blair had to be carried off a plane after “bizarre behavior” (scroll down to the middle of the story for some beyond disturbing quotes of things she said). She said she had mixed wine with meds.

My question is, what meds? I’ve mixed wine with meds many times and never had this kind of reaction.

Xanax, among others.
Of course, the drug companies use code words like “disorientation,” “confusion,” “agitation,” and so on, instead of the less specific, but more descriptive “batcrap crazy.”

True anecdote. When I worked in a hospital I had a patient who was in for a minor surgery that required general anesthetic. He celebrated the night before with a few buddies and a few beers. When he was given the anesthetic he got so crazy he required three of us to restrain him.

I suppose that’s better than if she went off on some racist screed or something. What she said can be written off as just weirdo half-dream drugged up ravings but if she started in on other issues it would be “she was saying what she REALLY thinks…”

I saw someone react badly to alcohol and antibiotics. It may be individualized?

Worse if something like that is REALLY happening.

Oh, of course. I’m taking her at her word that it was just rambling brought on by the drug/alcohol interaction. I know nothing about her personal life aside from what was in the article. But – if we’re to assume that it’s just babble – there’s some things easier to put behind you by saying “drug-induced wackiness” than others.

Could the reaction to the meds and booze be exacerbated by the flight somehow?

Maybe she was quoting lines from an upcoming movie

If she was dehydrated (as often happens when you fly) the effects might be stronger.
Her crying and ranting almost sounds hallucinogenic. That, and the fact that she had to be taken out on a stretcher, makes me think it was the [I**]dose*** of whatever meds she was on more so than the wine that caused the reaction. People have been known to hallucinate from high doses of benzos, esp if they’re not used to them. That’s why docs usually start you out small

You know, I’ve been wondering when they’d finally get around to making Hellboy 3

I had a neighbor who was severely dehydrated and had to be carried away. He was saying a whole lot of insane things.

For someone with no history of drug/alcohol abuse and a tame reputation, I’d take her at her word that it was a bad reaction to whatever she says it was.

I hope that didn’t sound like I was chastising you, I was only commenting on the craziness of the situation.

“Champagne, if you are seeking the truth, is better than a lie detector.”