Semi-assisted living in the Philly area

My older brother (age 61) is having some medical/neurological issues right now – “ataxia,” which means he has blackouts from time to time. Not clear why, and not at all clear if they’re going to be able to do anything about it.

He’s looking to move back to Philly (on top of everything else, he and his wife split up last fall – he’s been in DC for the last 30 years), and needs to find a place to live where there’s some support for him. Specifically, someone available to come help if he buzzes if he has an incident. Also, since he can’t drive, accessible to public transportation, or with a van or whatever available for shopping and getting to the library, etc. And not too expensive. And a nice place to live – not a “nursing home” per se.

So he’s looking at some retirement communities (the Quakers have a bunch in this area – our family is Quaker – like Kendall, Medford Leas, etc.) – but wants to explore as many options as possible.

If anyone knows anything about semi-assisted living in the Philly area, pls. let me know.

Thanks in advance.

PACE is a federal program that provides comprehensive services aimed at keeping people who need a lot of medical, rehabilitative, and/or social services (who are over 55) in their homes with assistive care, and out of institutional settings.

Some PACE organizations in Philadelphia:

Hope this helps.

Hm, that’s worth exploring further, thanks!

While not in Philly proper, the Quadrangle in Haverford may be a nice option. They offer a variety of assistance levels from independent living all the way through hospice care. It’s a Sunrise Senior Living community and there are a few of their properties in the area that might make a good fit.

That would bring things full circle! Guess where he went to college? (For that matter, guess what meeting we went to growing up?)

Good tip, thanks.


Anyone else have suggestions for avenues to explore?


My mother in law is at Willow Valley Retirement Community in Lancaster, PA. They have all sorts of places from nice condos with help on call for something things, to assisted living and eventually nursing home care. She certainly seems to like it.

It’s a little outside of Philly, of course, but not actually too far when you look at it. We’ve driven into Philadelphia several times when we visit her.

He’s looking at a place way up in Bucks County, so he might be willing to consider Lancaster County also. Thanks for the tip.