Semi-obscure mid-90s Canadian rock bands

As a teenager my preferred radio station was Windsor/Detroit’s 89X. I remember the station playing a decent amount of Canadian bands that seemed to otherwise go unnoticed in the states. I don’t listen to the station much anymore, but even by my late high school years they didn’t seem to be going out of their way for Canadian acts anymore. Well, except for Nickelback.

Nowadays, I may run across an obscurity that was popular in the US in the mid- to late-90s like, say, White Town’s “Your Woman.” The chances of running across a similarly obscure Canadian track, however, seem less likely.

I know it’s kind of a vague request for obscure (to an American, anyway), Canadian rock songs from the 90s, but that’s what I’m looking for. If you followed the Tragically Hip’s career in the 90s, you can probably help me.

Earlier today I downloaded Sloan’s “Money City Maniacs,” and two tracks by Pure: “The Hammock” and “Spiritual Pollution.” Those songs may have been mega-hits up north for all I know, but that should give you an idea of the kind of stuff I’m looking for. I started listening to 89X in about 1996, but the latter Pure track is from 1993 according to allmusic, so think anything post-grunge.

I seem to recall being into Treble Charger, but before that “American Psycho” song. Any help there?

I think I’ve got The Tragically Hip and Our Lady Peace covered on my own.

Remember Odds? Not “The Odds” just “Odds.” They had a couple hits, like “Someone who is cool” and “Eat my brain.” Is that what you’re looking for?

The Pursuit of Happiness released a song called “A Villa in Portugal” which deserves bonus points for including “the Iberian Peninsula” in the lyrics.

Did you Americans ever get these bands? A couple I know you got for sure, but they were much bigger successes in Canada:

I Mother Earth
Crash Test Dummies
Eric’s Trip
Local Rabbits
Bif Naked
Barenaked Ladies before they were “cool”
Blue Rodeo

Many others, I’m sure, I’m just not thinking of, but I sure miss them.

Also, White Town was British.

I listen to Iceberg (on Sirius satellite radio, channel 95) because most of the Canadian music I grew up with just isn’t played in the States. My husband humoured me by going to a Hip concert here last year - he didn’t know ANY of the songs. They were/are HUGE in Canada. A lot of the bands that make it big at home don’t get play down here at all.

If you asked what Pure’s biggest “hit” was…I would’ve gone with Anna Is A Speed Freak.

Some more bands that may ring a bell. If any of them sound familiar I can dig up the specific tracks that you probably remember.

The Killjoys
By Divine Right
Matthew Good Band
Big Wreck
Big Sugar
Econoline Crush
The Tea Party
Wide Mouth Mason
Thrush Hermit
Holly McNarland
The Watchmen
Age of Electric

god…I’m having flashbacks to Grade 8 dances. This is fun; I guess when you start listening to music, you never forget those first bands that you hear.

It’s 10 years before the OP’s request, but wooo! Killer Dwarves!!

Don’t know what hits they had, but Moxy Früvous would have been near their peak about that time.

A LOT of those bands are considered mainstream in border cities like Detroit and Buffalo; Moxy Früvous, Our Lady Peace, Sloan, The Tragically Hip, The Killjoys, Econoline Crush, The Killjoys and the Matthew Good Band are all well-known just across the St. Clair and Niagara.

Of all the bands listed here this is the one I liked the most. Sold For A Smile still gets frequent play on my ipod. A very under-rated album, I think they suffered from a lot of comparisons to Our Lady Peace. Their allmusic entry still brings it up, personally I never found the two bands very similar.

I didn’t know Nickelback is Canadian.

DOA. Well, their heyday was the early 1980’s, but Joey Shithead is still touring as DOA with IIRC original member Randy Rampage back in the band.

Eh, for some reason they were the first band to pop in my head when I read the OP.

Missing from the suggestions so far, are Me Mom and Morgentaler, who essentially defined the 90s indie scene in Montreal.

What, no mention of Lowest of the Low yet? :slight_smile: It’s pretty easy to find some of their older songs… I’ve got a soft spot for Under the Carlaw Bridge, because it’s about the neighbourhood I grew up in.

This entire thread has me flashing back to gr 11. Sigh.

It’s 20 years before the OP’s request, but Klaatu!

Hehe this thread had me popping into iTunes to grab *Ocean Pearl * and Blame Your Parents… I couldn’t find Assaholic, though. Admittedly I was only into these guys on the surface and never bought an album, but I loved their singles.

And I can’t believe I missed Gandharvas… Paul Jago is GOD! Well, okay, he’s not, but, you know. The way my bedroom is set up, I can see my CD stand as a go to sleep at night, and though it wasn’t set up that way, the last thing I usually see before I go to sleep each night is the loose CD for Kicking in the Water, with the printed side up, with that weird stretched out and blurry picture of the band. And i-i-i a wave goes on just about every compilation CD I make. It’s so… joyous! It makes me feel like I’m going to pop with happiness and exhilaration, without all the sugary sappiness! Wheeeee!

What am I rambling about? My Gandharvas credentials, apparently. Anyway.

Oh, and, let’s not forget how Edwin left **I Mother Earth ** and did his solo thing that was freaking hilarious. Unfortunately, I can’t stand the new (he’s not new anymore, but he’ll always be new to me) frontman. While it was kind of funny and almost sweetly pathetic the way he would react in front of the camera at first, it got old fast. Plus I don’t like his voice. Sadly, I prefer rockstar Edwin, who, when left to his own devices, comes out with such banal drivel like “peace, love, hang 10, California” I mean, duuuude. For real.

I remember Sons of Freedom’s Gump debuting at #1 (on Canadian college charts) when I was in university, ahead of Nevermind. Here is a link to their song The Criminal.

Also “Heterosexual Man” and “Love of Minds.” Great band.

You have absolutely no idea how happy you have made me.
I love Me Mom & Morgentaler, and after searching in vain for years for a CD, I had resigned myself to the fact that unless I dug up my old tape, I would never hear them again. Just ordered their new CD.
Happy, happy, happy.

How about Deja Voodoo?