Semi-retirement is great

That’s the way I see it. For many, of course, it doesn’t work that way. I’m perfectly happy staying at home all day. I do live remote and have plenty of space inside and out.

I like my space. When my wife and I retire in 5 or so years, we will want a 4 bedroom house. We will have the Master bedroom, a guest room and each of us will have our own space.

I’d like to be semi-retired, but don’t work in a business for which that’s practical. In all likelihood, I’ll be retiring in a year or two, as soon as I reach “full retirement age”.

I’m tired and I’d like to retire right now. It’s not the work that’s getting hard, it’s the 45 minute commute. Also, as I age, driving home in the dark is getting more and more troubling. The night feels darker and the headlights seem brighter. I’m an exhausted wreck by the time I get home.

My husband works from home since the pandemic, and although he’s not “semi-retired”, it works out that way. He unofficially knocks off work at 3, but keeps close to the computer in case of emergencies. His company is making noises that everybody has to come back in to work in February of next year, though, so we’ll see how that goes.

Back in that West Texas convenience store I worked at out of high school, I worked graveyard a lot and usually on New Year’s Eve into Day. That was a great shift. Customers were always bringing me drinks out of sympathy. I was always drunk by end of shift.