Sen. Craig and Witnesses

Has anybody (credible) come forward saying that they had any type of gay relations with senator Craig? It seems to me that no one would read up on the internet and actively pursue sex in a public place for the first time. While he would know the ‘signals’ he would have seeked out hotspots and hoped for someone to initiate. That he was the initiator to me would imply experience. The type of people I would expect to have random sex with random people would be the type of sleezeballs to come forward. Maybe it’s too early to tell?

Yeah, the Idaho Statesman was researching this for months. (

Now I don’t know what your definition of “credible” is. I’d say a couple anonymous witnesses is better than one or just rumors. But maybe you hold that multiple anonymous witnesses could still be part of a smear campaign. Fair enough. But when the guy, who has just specifically denied those allegations in an interview a month earlier, then goes on to commit and get arrested for the exact thing that he was being accused of, you have to admit that it’s getting credible.