Sen. Kennedy on the Watch List

Vast right-wing conspiracy? Terrorist prank? Simple screw-up in how we process plane passengers? Any way you look at it, this is both stupid and scary:

Emphasis mine.

So, what the fuck is going on? Are airline people so stupid they can’t manage to recognize a famous politican? Don’t answer that. They are massive, massive putzes, and well deserving a famous smilie: :wally

I hope this gets some things changed. Airline security is simply moronic these days, in comparison to the actual threat posed to our flights. If this shit continues, we may as well give up on airlines completely: None of us will have the security clearance to fly anyway.

A terrorist chose “Edward M. Kennedy” as an alias? I’d like to know more about the elements of that thought process.

Yeah. I saw this this morning and didn’t quite know what to make of it. Sure, there are folks in airline security who aren’t any brighter than most folks, but to keep doing this for six weeks? It sounds like someone in the beauracracy is having some fun at Teddy’s expense.

Stray thought - did Kennedy ever take a junket to Afghanistan or somesuch? Maybe the anti-terrorist software (Sammy Snake 18.0) flagged him.

Actually, the name on the list was “T. Kennedy.” Nice to know the TSA is homing in on those dangerous terrorists with laser-like accuracy, ain’t it?

Truth be told, I think it’s perfectly appropriate that Ted Kennedy’s name appears on a “do not fly” list. After all, haven’t aeronautical engineers proven that Kennedy can’t possibly fly? He’s gotten pretty heavy, so I’m sure he can’t flap his arms fast enough to take off.

I think the whole thing stinks, but at least they stopped him each and every time to make sure things was kosher. I also don’t give a shit about how well known someone is, everyone gets checked the same, that goes for Tom Cruise and the Pope too.

Besides, he’s reeeeeally flammable.

If the plane crashes, though, he has experience escaping through windows.

Maybe there’s a rule that passengers can’t drink more than the pilots.

They just got the watch list for the airport pub mixed up with the terrorist watch list.

The bar car wasn’t fully stocked & US Air feared his wrath.
The 1st class seats weren’t wide enough to fit his fat ass, bulbous nose and swollen head.
The ticket agent couldn’t understand him when he slurred his name.
The majority of other passengers weren’t comfortable flying with a ‘cursed’ man.

They didn’t pat him down or do a full-cavity (urk). They told him he couldn’t board any plane he tried to enter, and they wouldn’t tell him why.

Requiring that everyone go through the same level of checks is something I agree with. Refusing all service to people based on a miscompiled and misconstrued Watch List is simple inanity, and a very dark foreshadow of future events.

Not answering, asking: did you mean famous politician or infamous felon?

Here’s a guy that for a time had more experience launching vehicles than NASA, yet the TSA would put him back on the road “in the interests of public safety.” Megaboner.

Ummm, has Ted Kennedy actually ever been convicted of a felony?

Yeah I agree 100%

I heard about this on the radio. According to that report, the first three times it happened, Kennedy called Tom Ridge himself. Still, it took three calls to get taken off the list.

Even after that, some airports still stopped him–because they were still using the old list. That’s the scary part. If they update the list, I want everyone in the system to know about it immediately.

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The terrorists should just start using aliases like “R. Smith”. I know a bunch of R. Smiths. If they use all the most popular names as aliases, they’ll eventually have an effect on the economy.

I can see it now:

Cure Front Man Receives TSA Beat-Down