Send in the clones

I don’t make this stuff up. (I have no idea if theyare making it up.)

According to the description of one of the books these folk are pushing (gotta keep the cash flow going while they’re waiting for all this cloning business to take off, after all):

In the description of the sequel book (hey, there were even sequels to the movie Porky’s) we learn author has even been taken to the planet of the Elohim. And you were probably thinking this was just silly.


We also discover that:

In short, ladies and gentlemen, maybe Elvis has notleft the building.

did you click on the “subversions” link?

there is a story that pops up, which, I’m scared to even summarize it. Hysterical. I think Cecil just should retire. He’ll never win against sheer human stupidity if this guy is leading the pack.

I’m going to need tranqulizers after this one. I’m laughing here.

I think Steve Jackson games profiled this one in his “illuminated” site of the week a year ago. Nice to see he’s grown. I think.

I wonder how many people actually believe a company that cannot spell the word “compagny” correctly on their website can clone them?
A very funny site. :slight_smile:

From the “Subversions” link:

I have this mental image of Barry Goldwater as a new-age guru wearing a robe, and it’s killing me.

Also, if you go into the “UFOland” link, you will discover that:

I can’t help wondering…what happens if the Evil Farmer Conspiracy attacks UFOland with a herd of cattle?

You know, when I was a kid, you only got to read this sort of whacked crap by furtively sneaking away from the parents at airports.

What a wonderful world we live in, where the insane play a valuable part in our lives by interjecting much appreciated visions of a reality in which you and I do not exist.