Send up the Geek Beacon!

The funniest man in the world is working on a new album, and one of the songs for it is being offered as a free download. You who are in the geekly know, such as myself, are already hitting ctrl +n and opening Oh, I swoon. Funny+smart=hot.
Can you believe he’s gonna be 47 this October? And he’s got a little daughter who’ll be going into pre-school at roughly the same time, no doubt.

Why, yes, I have spoken to a professional about my little ‘interests’, why do you ask?

It occurs to me that though this may be a life-affecting announcement for me, it may better belong in Cafe Society. Mods feel free to move it.
I have set aside this morning to listen to the new song over and over; first new Al song for me since the Poodle Hat cd.

There was a thread on this song a while back. Apparently he got permission to parody the original song, but then they changed their minds at the last minute, so the CD is being delayed. So instead of including it on the CD, he’s giving it away for free on his website. Nice!

I took the time yesterday morning to listen to it a couple of times; not impressive. I could see him using the song to make fun of James Blunt’s musical ‘style’ or what-have-you but to be so uncreative…un-Al-like.

I’ll move this over to Cafe Society, out forum for the arts.