Sending Invitations

We’re in a bind having a formal party for our daughter that a lot of family cannot attend. Yet, we are committed to a minimum of 100 people. To compensate, we want to invite (at the last minute) the parents of some of the kids that were already invited solo. These parents had gone out their way to go the extra mile for us while I was suddenly hospitalized - some we hardly know so we were deeply touched.

So, how can we tactfully invite these parents? Is there some way to put the emphasis on their kind act while I was ill? I should mention we may have to verbally invite these parents as (a) time is too short for a mailed invite and (b) their kids already got a mailed invite.

What to do? What to do?

A ‘last minute’ invitation, to an event their child is already attending, maybe isn’t the time draw in any mention of reciprocity for their attentiveness during your illness.

Invite them, that’s kind and generous. Drop by or leave a handwritten note in their mailbox, how much it would mean to you, etc.

When at the event, thank them for their kindness during your illness. (Without mention of the invite!)

Much nicer!

elbows: nicely done! I like it!

Ever think of writing a Dear Abby column? Dear elbows, perhaps?

I’m thinking these parents may wonder why they weren’t invited when their kids were, and I’d be inclined to apologize for the late notice and plead being less ogranized than you had hoped (with the unstated suggestion that you meant to invite them all along, rather than that they were on the “B list”).

Could just send them a reminder note that of course you expected them to consider themselves included in kid’s invite but some other invitees jogged your memory/asked about it or somesuch. It’s less honest, though. Personally I think elbows nailed it.

I think a quick phone call would be polite:

“We are looking forward to having your daughter come to our party. BTW, we would of course really like to have you come as well!”

Just wanted to thank those who replied. You have some good ideas to work through this awkward situation.