Sending Nuclear Missles to VENUS

The planet Venus exist as is due to a Greenhouse effect. If Nuclear devices were detonated on Venus would it be possible to create a Nuclear Winter that would cool the planet? Would this have any effect on the planet or reverse the Greenhouse effect?

Better to shoot algae at it.

Venus already has a very high albedo (Bond albedo, also see the blackbody temperature, which is much lower than Earth despite a much higher surface temperature and twice the solar radiation), with very little sunlight able to penetrate the thick clouds; it stays so hot because the greenhouse effect is so strong (about 200,000 times more CO2 than Earth, based on partial pressures; ~90 bar for Venus and 0.0004 bar for Earth, equivalent to something like 18 doublings of CO2, which would raise the temperature of Earth by about 54°C, not accounting for other effects, plus 3°C per doubling is only valid for Earth with a climate like the present one, and doesn’t account for long-term feedbacks, although Venus doesn’t have any water, ice or vegetation for such feedbacks).

You want to start an inter planetary war don’t you.


I know this goes into the realm of the ridiculous, but what if we could construct a really long tube that went almost to the surface and reached into outerspace. Would it be possible to use the unequal pressure between the surface and the vacuum of space to suck a great deal of Venus’s crushing atmosphere out into the void?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean, but Venus’ atmosphere is already exposed to the vacuum of space (it’s not like there’s a shell around the planet holding all the gas in) - gravity pulls the atmosphere down.

Well, no. The atmosphere is held in place by Venus’s gravity, or it would have escaped already. I once proposed a ring of wormholes around Venus’s equator, with their other ends circling Mars’s equator, but there were, um, technical hurdles.

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Hell, at the start of the Space Race both the US and the USSR made plans to nuke the moon. Just for fun!

God I miss the good ole days. Let’s blow some shit up for fun!