Separate email account for job hunts?

Is there an advantage to using a separate email account for job hunting?

Depends. My personal email is “jsgoddess@…” I wouldn’t actually want that on a resume. (Damn those usernames that you pick on a whim and then get stuck with for years…)

Maybe but it depends on what you use your current e-mail address for. If you scatter it all over weird sites on the internet, lots of employers search for things like that so that would be one reason. Another reason would be organizational. You can set up e-mail filters so that all your job replies get filtered into a special folder. Creating a more professional looking address if yours isn’t ideal for job hunting is another reason.

If you don’t have any of those issues then no.

There is a certain advantage in setting up a specific mailbox for any project of limited duration, assuming you want to stop receiving mails related to the project at its end. The people sending the emails won’t all grasp or honour your wish to cease communication - setting up a dedicated mailbox removes their choice in the matter.

I’m still getting invitations to apply for (largely irrelevant) jobs from a job hunting session over two years ago, when I didn’t set up a separate mailbox. I have politely asked to be removed from their mailing lists - in general, I get a curt response saying they will comply, after which they continue to send the messages.

It’s interesting as I have my own domain name for job hunting.

It would be Markxxx.Info (not real but it’s along that lines)

I have it set up to forward all my responses to one inbox.

So if I apply to several hotels I can give different address

All of them forward to my main domain mailbox.

It’s interesting because you can also see who spams you. Let’s say I apply for a job with CoyoteInn and I give A week later I’m getting offers for viagra sent to that box.

Thus you can tell someone from that company has a compromised email that is able to harvest emails.

I decided that I didn’t want my current email of BroomstickAtDomainName on my resume, nor did I want to explain where I got the handle “Broomstick” in a job interview, nor did I want prospective employers hunting for what I’ve posted on the internet these past 10 years or so.

So created a new one at MyFirstNameAtADomainName. So far, I’ve been asked to explain why I only appear on the internet on job sites. Well, it’s simple - I like my privacy. And I do. So that’s why I’m not on Facebook and MySpace and so on. I don’t feel a need to share everything with the world.

Which is also true. I share my opinions, of course (I"m sure folks here have noticed) but not my personal information.

I second the suggestion that if your main email is you probably need a second email for job hunting.
I worked with one lady who, after she left our company, got an email addy along the lines of which I thought was worth points for originality if nothing else.

Wow, I just googled my email address. There are A LOT of people talking about me behind my back all over the Internet.

Fortunately the only real dirt someone would dig up on me before giving up would be that I’m a train buff, do cartography and occasionally bootlegged a concert. My next potential career is going to be working for New York City Transit, so I think I’m gonna give them a different address…

For the reasons above, I would find a professional email address somewhere. If you don’t already have your own domain where you can set up your own email addresses, then check out Neverbox You can create email addresses and have them all redirect to your one true email address. I have been using it for years and literally have hundreds of email addresses. If anyone of them starts getting spammed, I just close it out.

That redirected to spamgourmet, is it still legit?

google your email address and see if anything ‘weird’ pops up.

I pretty much agree with the direction of this thread. Having a job related email address is a benefit. nothing clever, just something related to your name. Bob Smith would be RbtSmh, not Beachlover etc.

It never occurred to me before to google my email addresses. I’ve got three of them: one for family and friends, one for the Dope, blogging, and other social/noncommercial online activities, and a third for dealing with commercial entities by email. Between the three of them, Google turned up all of three references.

Guess I’ve got a low profile online, which is fine with me.

My husband does a lot of hiring and he absolutely rules people out if they have stupid (inapropriate) addresses. (I wish I could remember a few… but he’s reported some insanely blatant ones along the lines of istrip4u and four20.)

I established an alias account.

Thanks to one & all for the advice. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Neverbox, but I have been using SpamGourmet for literally a decade (even donated money a few times to it). It works pretty well, but I wouldn’t use it for job emails because all their addresses take the somewhat awkward form “,” where ‘custom-word’ is whatever you want and XX is the max number of emails without manual intervention (up to 20).

Whereasmine is the one in my profile and, while not something related to my name, it’s something neutral enough not to get me in trouble - and since my name is a beeyotch (“would you like the full 8-word version or can I take a shorter one? The shortest still fully-legal version is only 4 words!”), it sort of acts as a Stupid Detector. Anybody who sees a name with a structure similar to

María de las Nieves Sáenz de Santiago Guerrero

and says “oh, but why isn’t your email your name?” gets filed under S.

Of course, the equivalents of “nieves”, “saenz” and “nieves.saenz” are already taken in pretty much any widely-used domain.