September 11 Pentagon Attack: Did it really occur?

G’day Cecil. During a lively discussion concerning travel experiences in the USA, the recent Australian Wheat Board scandals and whatnot (Quite a big deal over here in Down Under at the moment), it was brought up that a recent documentary screened on our equivalent of Cable TV strongly suggested the notion of that the Pentagon was NOT actually hit by an aircraft hijacked by terrorists, but rather an explosion either caused by human error or orchestrated to occur at the same time of the WTC buildings’ attack.

Not knowing the name of the documentary itself or having heard this theory before now, do you have any thoughts as to the credibility of such a claim?

Awaiting your reply,

RH, Sydney, Australia

First of all, most questions by far asked here on the message board will not earn a response from Cecil. Email Cecil directly of you have a question for him, though there are never any guarantees that you will get a response by that method either but it’s your best chance.

Questions about the 9/11 Pentagon attack have been exhaustively discussed on this board. Since you are a guest, you cannot seach these threads so I will link some of them.

Welcome to the Boards, rhitchen1988. Since this question has been asked and debated so many times, I’m closing this thread. Not that you did anything wrong, just that it’ll be more productive to let you read some of the past threads. If you still have questions after reading them, either start a new query in Great Debates or make a post in one of those threads that is still active.

Oh yeah, here’s one more current thread if you can read it without your head hurting.

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