September 26 - The First Obama-McCain Debate

OK, so it looks like the debate is on tonight.

McCain has agreed to attend, and all systems are Go.

Let’s start the commentary on the debate HERE.

After this past few days, Obama will nail it if he can just keep a triumphant smirk off his face.

Or even if he can’t.

There’s no need to watch, you know. McCain’s already won.

That appeared in The Wall Street Journal’s site today. I cannot decide if the campaign is trying to sway people before the debate even starts or if they are too stupid to time they’re ads correctly.

The funniest part is that the ad was online before McCain even confirmed that he was going to show up.

I can’t decide if I can tell the difference between they are and belonging to them or if I’m too stupid to use these words correctly.

I posted this in the wrong thread earlier (twice!) so I’m glad this thread was started!

The debate is officially ON! So why don’t we all just give our opinions on tonight’s debate right now; get them out of the way, shall we?

I’ll go first: McCain hit a homerun. He accomplished exactly what he had to do. He made Obama appear indecisive and woefully unprepared to become the next president of the US. McCain scored knockout points during several heated exchanges; the most damaging to the Obama campaign was clearly when McCain answered his question about foreign policy clearly and confidently, while Obama struggled and stammered his way through a long-winded response that utterly failed to address the original question. The contrast between the two could not have been greater during Friday night’s debate.

Obama supporters, your turn!

Seems McCain has to win to stop the bleeding, if he loses or ties he’s screwed barring some October surprise or something.

Ah, so YOU’RE the one responsible for those ads!

O.K., I’ll bite.

After strong words were traded at the beginning of the debate over how McCain torpedoed bailout negotiations, Obama forgives McCain for his foolishness, citing McCain’s 5 and a half years in a POW camp as an excuse that will forgive just about anything. A grateful McCain miraculously raises his hands over his head, praising Obama as Mr. Chosen One, OOHAM*.

Then the rapture comes and leaves the room half empty.

*Our Only Hope and Messiah.

McCain will “win” the debate, no question of that. Barring a complete meltdown, including swearing and racial epithets, how could he not? The bar has been set so low a snail could make it over. The spin machine is in place and ready to go. All John has to do is show up, and the world is saved for Capitalism.

Does showing up for the debate make McCain a flip-flopper? :wink:

Isn’t the only reason to watch these things in hope that somebody melts down?

More seriously, it could be interesting due the economic woes. If they make it completely economy related or foreign affairs with a big economic bent you’d think it would favor McCain a lot less.

From what I have heard (I tuned in to the Hannity radio show yesterday) the Republicans think that McCain suspending his campaign was the most generous, intelligent, unpartisan, heroic thing ever done by a presidential candidate.

Now they say that 48% of people polled think him pulling out of the debate is a bad idea. Turns out his ads were running, his campaign offices were going full tilt and he was busy politicking and campaigning on the three major networks.

I’m sure I could call my mother and have her explain to me how all this makes sense. After all, the reason it took a month for my husbands unemployment checks to start coming in is because Obama is running for president, and the reason my house has been on the market for almost two years without a single offer even with a price drop of $75k, is because Obama is running, and I’m sure that the reason gas is $4 a gallon is because Obama is running…

Who the hell out there with any sort of critical thinking skills can say we are better off today than we were 8 years ago? How on earth am I supposed to think another 4 years of republican rule will do anything other than leave me in worse shape than I am now?

If McCain stands up and says anything other than “We are in a shitstorm that has been caused by the reckless actions of a lying sack of shit president for the last 8 years and I’ll be damned if I am going to continue the same sort of shenanigans. I’m dropping this bible-thumping, book burning freak of a woman that my party has hoisted on me, nominating a real actual candidate and am going to go in to Washington D.C. with a flame-thrower to fix the nasty wad of shit that has been left for Obama or me to fix, and burn to the ground any bullshit artist who tries to stop me.” He won’t get my vote.

I dunno, I’ve noticed a marked improvement in the accessibility and variety of Internet porn.

If you like folksy stories and rah-rah, semi-militant Americanisms with a dash of religion thrown in, then McCain will win the debate for you. If you like thought-out, cerebral answers to the actual questions asked, then Obama will win the debate for you. Barring a meltdown or a loss of temper on the part of either candidate, both sides will claim victory and both sides will be right wrt their own base. I have no idea which will appeal more to any undecided voters. Obviously, I think Obama makes a better case if he is allowed to speak, but what the heck do I know?

That would turn me right back into a republican.:slight_smile:

The problem that I’ve noticed with a lot of Republicans is that they assume that everybody else thinks the way they do, like it is the only conceivable way anyone could possibly think. I know you’re trying to come across as sarcastic here, but this is actually the truth for many Republicans. McCain has already won this debate in their minds, just because he belongs to the same party as they do. You can’t imagine that it might be possible for someone to watch the debate, evaluate both sides equally, and then come to a decision about who won. No, that kind of deliberation doesn’t even exist in the world of so many Republicans that I have talked to over the years.

You’ve got to be kidding. Obama without a teleprompter is absolute death. Take a listen to his answer yesterday when a reporter asked him if he would be at tonight’s debate: the stuttering, jug-eared doofus said “um” and “uh” and “ahhh” and “you know” and “eh” for about 5 minutes during a painfully long-winded non-answer to the question. I have no clue where you get “thought out, cerebral answers” from, but it certainly hasn’t been Obama in recent days!

So, Stephe96, who do you like for President this year?

If he actually did that in precisely that unequivocal way that you posted he’d probably get my vote…really.

I don’t think he/she is being sarcastic at all. I fully expect him/her to cut and paste that same post after the debate…even if McCain drops dead of a heart attack when he walks on stage. :wink: