Sequential iPod tracks

Now and then, we’ll get two unrelated threads listed here with unexpectedly funny results. Well, this morning, my iPod served up two randomly-shuffled tracks that worked well together.

First was the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Give It Away, followed immediately by Wierd Al Yankovic’s Bedrock Anthem, which is his parody of Give It Away. An amazing “before and after” mix.

Must be an Apple thing. I’ve had iTunes play these songs in succession once:

Riders on the Storm (The Doors)
Shelter from the Storm (Bob Dylan)
You’re the Storm (The Cardigans)
Storms in Africa (Enya)

Curious, to say the least.

I’ve had Romeo & Juliette by Lou Reed, and Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits play back to back on shuffle before.

Hey, it’s a classic story, why not?

I wish I could say that this was a freak occurence, but it seems like every time I put my iTunes Library on shuffle, it goes back to David Gray practically every other song, even though only 3.8% of my songs are by him. Sometimes I seriously wonder if iTunes has some sort of deal with David Gray.

This just jogged my memory of the very first time I fired up my iPod on shuffle play - out of the 3,000 or so tracks, it picked one called Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock.

If it decides to play The Doors’ The End, (not likely, since I don’t have that track!) I’d better start shopping for a replacement.

I get that sorta thing all the time. Today, it was Frank Zappa: You Are What You Is, from the album You Are What You Is, followed by Mudd Club from Thing-Fish. On both albums those 2 songs follow each other.