Nice iPod Shuffle coincidences

Brad Paisley’s “This is Country Music” includes the line “Take me home, country road” from John Denver’s song of the same name. After Paisley’s song, and what should come up next on Shuffle but Denver’s very song!

Anything similar happen to you?

Yesterday while mowing the lawn I heard De La Soul’s ‘Eye Know’ followed by Super Furry Animals ‘The Man Don’t Give a Fuck’ - both sampling Steely Dan (Peg and Show Biz Kids), followed by Steely Dan’s 'Dirty Work.
Gave me a smile.



I’ve gotten the original Surfin’ Bird followed immediately by the Ramones cover.

I’ve had Steely Dan’s “Doctor Wu” immediately followed by The Minutemen’s cover of the same song. (or the other way around; can’t remember)

I get a lot of my playlist ideas from things like this. It’s great when a shuffle will put together two songs that I never would have thought to play in sequence. My favorite combination ever was a live Hendrix version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” followed by a live version of “Oleo” by Miles Davis.

I posted this several years ago:

Might be a bit off topic from the OP, but the best transition between two songs I’ve heard was from The Birds’ “8 Miles High” into CCR’s “Who’ll Stop the Rain”.

It just felt “right” to me.

I love it when this happens. My favourite was probably “Surf City Eastern Bloc” by Arcade Fire leading into Glenn Miller’s “Over There”.

Kraftwerk - Neon Lights while driving home from a trip and going through a particularly well-lit place at night. Not strictly neon, but still.

I get a few more, but I’ve forgotten what. I have (let’s see) 13,730 tracks on my iPod. So when it does come up it’s especially serendipitous. I think I’ve gotten a cover and its original back-to-back.

I stopped listening to shuffle when The Wiggles introduced a Korn song.

That was too weird, even for me.

Sort of off topic, but about 10 years ago I was in Portland, Maine on business. Before I left I was looking for some tunes to play in the rental car for the 6 hour drive back to Ottawa.

I bought two CDs, one of them was Jackson Browne’s “Running on Empty.”

Now, I’d heard this album lots growing up, but hadn’t heard it in years, so I popped it in as I was leaving. As I was just getting onto the main highway and exiting Portland the song “Nothing but Time” came on with the opening line: “Rolling down 295 out of Portland, Maine.”

That made me laugh.

The Wiggles covered “Walk on the Wild Side” if it makes you feel better. The lyrics are now devoid of transsexual blowjobs, of course.

Several months ago I went for a run and the first song up was “Running Down a Dream” The best follow up would probably be Pink Floyd’s “Run” but I didn’t have that on my phone.

Today I got Liz Phair’s whitechocolatespaceegg followed by Radiohead’s The Bends, both 1990’s title tracks. Spooky!11! :wink: