serendipitous flavour incident

I took the family on another winter picnic today; we walked half a mile or so into some woods in the New Forest and I cooked sausages, bacon and beans over my new micro gas stove. That was nice, but what happened afterwards was really interesting. I made coffee (black, no sugar - yes, it was instant) and while I was waiting for it to cool a little, I passed around some cakes, then a couple of bags of sweets. One bag was licorice twists, and when reaching for some… PLOP! one accidentally fell into my coffee cup.

Rather than fish it out straight away, I decided just to see what it would be like. Turns out that coffee with licorice is actually really nice; really, really nice.
Has anyone else here ever experienced a serendipitous flavour incident like this? (one that doesn’t involve two blokes spilling chocolate and peanut butter, that is)

Sounds like that was anise thing to happen to you.

Groan. Actually, that was quite nicely done.

I was helping out in the kitchen, cleaning up the snack trays after a dance. We’d had, among other things, sugar doughnuts and chips. Someone who was cleaning up put the remaining doughnuts on the chips to bring the tray into the kitchen.

We were getting hungry while working so we killed off the doughnuts and then began on the chips. Salty chips + sugar that fell off the doughnuts - delicious! We demolished the sweet/salt chips in short order.

A couple of weekends ago we had brunch at my sister’s house. I brought veggie sausage that I’d spiced heavily, while my sister provided bacon. She fried the bacon first, and she was getting ready to throw out the grease. I thought, “Well, that pig fat is going to go to waste anyway; I may as well make use of it.” I fried up the veggie sausage in bacon grease. And would you believe it? That was the best veggie sausage I’ve ever had!


At a Tex/Mex restaurant, I took the lemon wedge out of my drink and sat it on the edge of my plate. It turns out that Mexican rice with lemon is really good.

At the time, the thread had 28 views and no posts, so I thought I mebbe I could say a little something. :stuck_out_tongue:

But absurdly, if you liked that, I have one that will have you Rowling.

I have been dared to mention a rumor that Harry Potter’s gal pal has named her leg joints after two extinct Central American civilizations. Hence, she has her Aztec knee, and her Myan knee.

ducks & runs


sardine oil (from can) in hot chocolate… a unique blend of flavours (one drop spilled into hot choc, drank it anyway)… very odd, but very deliscious!


Did it taste just as good on the way back up? Ewww!